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Historical building:

The main hall


The stairs hall


Modern building:

The main hall

The elevator hall

The stairs hall 1

The stairs hall 2

Historic Hall of the Building:

The height of the ceiling in the lobby of the HOFT´s historic building (5.60 meters) underlines the two main features of its interior: space and perspective. The historical importance and the aesthetics characteristic to modern design endowed with a fine sense of scale and proportion as well as the unerring attention to detail and colourful accents became an inspiration for the designer. The decorative plaster has been specially treated to look aged, the white painted double oak wood apartment doors, restored forged railings, ceiling decor, all are in perfect harmony with the tinted glass surfaces, mirrors and paintings, made within the strict framework of minimalism, hi-tech chandelier and stylish furnishings, creating an interior design that is timeless and contemporary at the same time. Classical architecture is skilfully integrated into the electronic and symbolic modern design. The hall is a bit like a historical exhibition showroom, presenting the past as we see it today, the present as we live and feel it today and the future as we see it in our thoughts and dreams. The interior feels like it has been created to be put into a photo frame, captured and made timeless, just like a special moment in life.

On Interior of the Modern Building Hall

Interior of the living room and the halls is a bit like scenography. The volume and composition of frames is made and crafted with the utmost precision. Even the tiniest detail is custom made according to the architect´s drawings specially for the project. There are no secondary or insignificant details. Colour, light, shape, smell, feeling, everything has its meaning and assigned role, everything is subordinated to the common goal – to create a special atmosphere for living in the HOFT. The internal space of the living room hall is a logical continuation of the architecture, harmonious with the overall concept of the project. Straight planes, strict geometric shapes and lines, absence of non-functional parts – plenty of air and light. Only natural materials are used for the finish: travertine with natural texture on the walls and floor, wood is used for small details and design elements, glass and mirror surfaces for the groups entering the building. The light playing with the uneven and flat surfaces, emphasizing the structure and highlighting the properties of the material. The cosy furniture set and concierge desk made of solid wood in the centre the hall seems like an object floating weightlessly. Minimal amount of decorations, just a few colourful supplements. The wheel of life is turning with a 3D-projected mountain ranges and changing colours in the background: the first sunbeams at sunrise, a light-filled daytime view and a scarlet sunset at the end of the day. And the picture is complemented by the smell of a pine forest and illuminated living trees in niches.

Living Room Lounge.

The cosy living room with fireplace is designed in loft style. Unprocessed wooden ceiling and brick walls emphasize the noble appearance of the natural oak wood floor, hidden built-in lights, lamps with various colours and adjustable brightness enable you to create the atmosphere to suit your mood. Minimalist decorations, functional furniture in various styles, bright accents that fill the space without littering it.
The interior invites you to have open-hearted conversations with your neighbours and friends. Just as it was done in art workshops (lofts) in the best traditions of 1940s, you can invite your neighbours to watch your favourite movies or a game of your favourite team on the widescreen TV located behind the fireplace provided just for such purpose.

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